YouDeh is an app that allows people to connect. Somewhere out there in the world, someone is trying to reach out to you, and they will pay for your time. This app will allow people to reach you without compromising your privacy, and they will pay you for your time. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (for Android and iOS) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR admin panel.


DOOR FOOD is UK’s youngest online food and grocery store. With over 1000 products and over 100 brands in our catalog, you will find everything you are looking for. Right from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Rice and Dals, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products, Meat – we have it all.



Form is an online form filling service for Indian applications that offers affordable and budget-friendly for applicants looking for a trusted company to fill the job vacancy forms for them. Trusted and affordable online form filling service: What makes this job application form filling service stand out in the competition, is the fast service guarantee and high-rated job quality. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR



Grabhub is an on-demand grocery shopping platform that facilitates the purchase of discountedfood items, groceries, and other home essentials with a near expiration date or a dent on thepackaging. Our eco-friendly business model allows shoppers save money by presenting themwith groceries that are still safe to consume at much affordable rates and save the planet byreducing food waste. The Services present you with a set of one or more Retailer virtualstorefronts nearby that offers such goods for in-store pick up.



Eddy Shopper is an ordering app for placing orders. User can buy grocery products simply search you're for your local stores, build your order with this easy user- friendly app. Then check out and sit back and relax whilst your convenience shopping is brought to your doorstep TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (for Android and iOS) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR admin panel.


Holmes Barber Co

Looking to book an appointment at Holmes Barber Co? Download our app today to bookand manage your appointments.TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: -✓React Native Expo



Alblash making travel more fun and happiness, In Alblash you can find unique places no one ever went before hotels or even in mountains calm or hustle or even both. to make new stories new experience. make new friends in Alblash meet new people get closer to local to learn how they live and know them better in Alblash we get customer and host together to make adventure. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo


I Apply

Applying to study abroad can be a confusing process with many different requirements and components. To make your application process simple and faster Student Counseling Services has designed the I Appl Application. Note that your data will only be shared with trusted counselors needed to process your application. So only you can access your records. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (Web View APP) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR (Website)


Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding is an innovative and powerful fitness app that provides pre-set workout plans for Bodybuilding, Strength-Training, Muscle Tone, General Conditioning, and Powerlifting. We are here to guide you and help you to build your core strength, melt your unwanted weight and improve your performance. A user-friendly interface allows everyone to take full advantage of exercises for training the most important muscle groups. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (Web View APP) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR (Website)


ilaan : Property & Real Estate is the best property portal in Pakistan with a simple and easy solution for listing and showing properties. In real estate portal, all complex parameters of property search are available in a simple and intuitive interface for those who are looking to buy, sell or rent a house or property. Whether you're looking to rent or buy a ready to move house, buy a property in an under-construction project, or invest in a property, the will help you simplify your search.. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (Web View APP) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR (Website)


oladoc - Find & book best doct

With oladoc, your next doctor appointment is just a few taps away. Now you can INSTANTLY book a confirmed online doctor appointment in Pakistan in a Fast, Easy, and Affordable manner. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (Web View APP) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR (Website)


Multi-Vendor Mobile App For Wo

WooCommerce Marketplace Mobile App is an app that will convert your Wordpress Woocommerce Marketplace into an app which will work on React Native. TOOL & TECHNOLOGY: - ✓ React Native Expo (Web View APP) ✓ PHP CODEIGNITOR (Website)

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